The Narree Control Panel was designed to bring enhancements to the normal web site management interface. The earlier Control Panel front runner – cPanel, was developed back in the year 2000 and has not yet undergone a critical upgrade since that time. The Narree Control Panel is built on the concepts of the present day, carrying usability and user friendliness to all website management tasks you can think of.

Scroll down and do a comparison of the two Control Panel tools, find out more on their pros and cons and find out which one of them could match your requirements best.

1. Domain/invoicing/site adjustments

If you need to manage your domains, websites and invoicing from one place without needing to use any extra panels, the Narree Control Panel is definitely what you need.

The cPanel Control Panel does not offer parallel management of domain names and web sites. You have one invoicing panel for your domains and invoices, and another Control Panel for your sites.

2. File Arrangement

Managing numerous domains and sites from one web hosting account must be painless. With the Narree Control Panel, every single domain and subdomain is located in a standalone directory and is fully separated from the other.

In the cPanel Control Panel, you have just one directory for your main site and all of the additional sites are located inside this directory. This would make managing various web sites from one user interface very confusing.

3. File Manager

The Narree Control Panel features a comfortable File Manager, which allows you to publish data files by simply dragging them in your browser. You will get quick access to all the functions through useful right–click context menus. You should also make use of code and WYSIWYG tools. All features are are super easy to use.

The File Manager of cPanel is sluggish and limited in capabilities. Adding various data files demands a lot of time and does not include drag–n–drop support. The builtin zip/extract tool is hard to rely on and the file managing instruments present just simple controls. There is no quick access to the available file managing features.

4. Freely available Add–ons

Using the Narree Control Panel, you you’ll find a wide range of no–charge benefits developed by us. They’re available without cost with each cloud hosting solution, which uses the Control Panel. With each package, your able to use instruments like the Instant Site Installer, the Apps Installer, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Free Web Site Building Tool, a set of Advanced Tools, and many more.

Each individual website hosting company supplying cPanel decides on their own exactly what free gifts to to incorporate into your hosting plan. And also, since cPanel is a paid Control Panel, the no–charge extras should also be paid by the website hosting company. This will undoubtedly raise the price of your web hosting plan, so the 100–percent–free add–ons incorporated in your plan will actually be paid.

5. Control Panel Tool Speeds of Operation

We’ve optimized our Control Panel to operate flawlessly on our equipment exclusively. This makes it quicker than similar site management tools. We’ve additionally tweaked it to

utilize the whole capacity of your Internet connection – the faster your net connection is, the quicker our Control Panel works.

cPanel is still functioning on a platform from a decade ago and will truly be sluggish occasionally. The cPanel development team has carried out an essential step with the release of cPanel accelerated. Even so, in evaluation tests, prevalent website administration jobs often display greater results with alternative Control Panels.

6. Multi–domain name Management

The Narree Control Panel helps you seamlessly maintain an array of web sites and their domains from a single location. Each individual website will have its own unique directory in the root directory of your website hosting account and will be entirely free from the rest. That way, you need utilize only one account to manage as many domain names and websites as you have.

If you attempt to host several domains in a cPanel web hosting account, you will be facing a truly perplexing folder structure. By default, cPanel website hosting accounts are designed to handle only one domain. This way, if you need to handle 10 domain names at the same time, for example, you will need to setup ten separate accounts. Or else, all of the extra domains’ files will be situated in the directory of the main domain name.

7. Control Panel Menu

With the Narree Control Panel, you will be given the most recent stats for your sites and with quick shortcut icons to the most often used areas. Additionally, you are able to browse around the Control Panel, thanks to the top navigation bar, which includes links to all offered menus.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the home page is the only location that includes hyperlinks to the different sections. Should you go inside a menu and want to easily switch to a different one, you will have to get back to the main page and go further from there. This type of navigation can easily slow your task when you want to immediately perform a number of operations concurrently.

8. Test Accounts

The Narree Control Panel includes a fully featured demo website hosting account. All sections are available to you and you’ll be able to test them to generate new mail accounts and data–bases, manage your files, etcetera. If you enjoy exactly how things look, you are able to register straight from the demo interface.

Through the demo website hosting account of the cPanel Control Panel, you’re able to solely get acquainted with look and feel of the interface. Virtually all characteristics are inaccessible and you also cannot actually navigate away the main page. With a lot of website hosting suppliers, you’ll be given ability to access a generic cPanel demo account, and will never be able to experience the Control Panel you will actually be using to manage your websites in case you sign up.

Using the Narree Control Panel, taking care of your websites will be simple and pleasant. Just take a peek at our Site Control Panel demo and investigate the included features and capabilities to find out on your own.

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