Although managing a standalone hosting server isn't particularly hard, it involves more management tasks when compared with a shared hosting account, since the machine in which the latter is created is always managed by the host company. Things like updating the software and keeping an eye on the server to ensure that it's up and running are only a small part of these tasks. In this light, you'll need to spend more time dealing with the server, so if you have not had a hosting server before and you aren't really confident what you have to do and how to do it, you can capitalize on a wide range of optional administration services. Thus, you'll be able to focus on the content of your web sites and on your Internet marketing strategies as opposed to spending hours on mundane tasks.

Administration Services in VPS

The administration services may be added to all of our Linux VPS packages either during the signup process or afterwards from the billing CP. Our system administrators can help you with many tasks - they can conduct regular backups on a separate server so that you shall have a copy of your content if anything goes wrong; they're able to update the OS running on the server to keep it risk-free and stable; they can keep an eye on the processes on the server and reboot the latter if required; they can even install and troubleshoot third-party apps if you are not able to do that yourself. Depending on the tasks you prefer to carry out yourself and on the tasks that you wish to leave to our administrators, you may either get all these things simultaneously as part of one package, or you could get them 1 by 1 as standalone services.

Administration Services in Dedicated Hosting

The additional services are available to all our clients anytime, irrespective of the particular dedicated hosting package, so when you get a hosting server from our company, our system admins will assist you with a lot of things. For a start, they'll make perfectly sure that the software environment on the server is always safe, as they will update the OS weekly. They shall also take care of your content and will keep a backup on a separate hosting server and if anything breaks down, your files and databases will be restored with ease. With the monitoring and rebooting service, our administrator team will keep an eye on the hosting server always and will react promptly if any problem occurs. Moreover, they can also carry out any custom tasks on the machine that you might need, for as long as you might require them. Depending on the time you'll be able to spend on the hosting server and on your experience, you can get each one of these services one by one, or you can get them all at once as part of one single plan.